ChromaGen Lenses

ChromaGen Lenses:
Both for Dyslexia and Color Blindness

ChromaGen is the only FDA approved visual aid for patients with visual reading difficulties associated with dyslexia and color deficiencies. ChromaGen has FDA clearance and is patented technology.

Here is how it works:
The ChromaGen lenses change the wavelength of light going into both your eyes allowing the speed of the information traveling along your brain’s neurological pathways to be balanced. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, ChromaGen lenses are a life-changing aid that could work for you.
Dyslexia is a Vision Issue
ChromaGen is changing the way neuroscientists have viewed Dyslexia. In order to read fluidly and efficiently, one has to both process and understand what it is they are reading. Each eye has two parallel systems that must be balanced, otherwise the common symptoms of Dyslexia will result. The majority of individuals with Dyslexia report words moving in some way on a page when they would read. When using ChromaGen technology, 90% of these people benefited when performing a reading task.
Color Blindness
Did you know that one-in-ten men and one-in-two-hundred women are color blind?
Is color blindness prohibiting you from pursuing your dream job?
– Firefighter
– Police Officer
– Military Personnel
– Commercial Pilot
– Graphic Artist
– Electrician
– Railway Personnel
– Any job which requires color distinction

Chromagen filters (which are offered in both glasses and contact lenses) alter the neurologically transmitted signals to the brain, re-synchronizing the magnocellular and parvocelluar neural pathways so that the brain receives the correctly balanced message.
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